Best Dog Shampoos For Itchy Skin & Sensitive Skin?

Adorable Young Dog Itching With Itchy, Sensitive Skin

This is the question we get asked a lot by concerned dog owners, and we think we've formulated the best collection of dog shampoos for itchy skin and sensitive skin. But before we explain why we make the best dog shampoos, we need to explore why your dog has skin issues.

Scratchy & Itchy

It's essential to determine in the first place why your dog has itchy skin. There can be several reasons why your dog could be scratching excessively (pruritus), so it's essential to eliminate the possible causes.

Food Fads

Food intolerance can cause skin reactions in dogs. Many commercial pet foods are processed with artificial ingredients and very little oil content, which can often cause skin issues. Some of the most common food allergies in dogs can include beef, dairy, egg, chicken, wheat, lamb, soy, rabbit, fish and pork. Food allergies can manifest themselves as itchy skin and, in some cases, sneezing, coughing, wheezing and discharge from the eyes and nose. At worst, these can develop into shortness of breath and swelling of the face, mouth and throat, vomiting and diarrhoea. If you witness any of these symptoms in your dog, we recommend that you seek immediate veterinary help.

Interestingly, most food allergies commonly begin when the dog is under a year old. While you cannot cure a food allergy, you can certainly control the symptoms by determining the source of the allergy and removing it from your dog's diet. By eliminating and gradually reintroducing certain ingredients in your dog's diet, your vet should determine the source of the food allergy.

Medicine Mindful

If your dog is on any medication, this can also cause skin issues such as dryness, itchiness, sensitivity or allergic reactions. It is always advisable to do a patch test before putting any topical product on your dog. Always check the advisory notes supplied by your vet before administering any medication, or ask your vet for their advice.

Wash & Wear

Washing your dog with harsh shampoos or not rinsing out the shampoo can also cause dryness. Stripping the coat of the skin's natural oils or not rinsing out shampoo residue can lead to flaky skin, which in turn can cause your dog to scratch. The easiest solution is to use a conditioning shampoo pH balanced shampoo from our range and make sure you always give your dog a double rinse after bathing.

Fleas And Ticks Itching

Fleas and ticks are probably the most common cause of itchy issues. If you find these are the source of your dog's scratching, then our Itchy & Scratchy Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo is the one of the best dog shampoos for itchy skin that can help repel fleas and ticks alongside your routine flea and tick protection.

The perfect flea dirt buster is Poochiful Itchy & Scratchy Shampoo. This shampoo has a delightful Lemon & Tea Tree scent and uses a powerful combination of citrus and Tea Tree oils. Limonene, which occurs naturally in citrus and Tea Tree oils have been shown to be effective against fleas. Whilst Tea Tree oil has also been shown to be effective against some species of ticks. Using a shampoo with these ingredients can help to repel fleas and ticks when used in conjunction with your topical flea and tick treatment.

This dog shampoo contains aloe vera extract to help soothe skin that may be itchy or irritated. It is pH balanced and contains Pro-Vitamin B5 for a caring, supporting role in maintaining healthy skin and coats. Simply use before applying your regular topical flea treatment.

Best Dog Shampoo For Sensitive Souls

If you have eliminated any medical or allergy-related issues and your dog is just a sensitive wee soul, our shampoo collection offers the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin. Developed to be mild and gentle on your dog's skin, all our dog shampoos are perfectly pH balanced. Our collection of shampoos are formulated to care for your dog's skin and coat and won't strip away the natural oils. Fur parents of dogs with sensitive skin especially love our Puppy Power Shampoo, which is specially crafted for puppies and includes aloe vera and vitamin E to care for their skin. Aloe vera is nature's super fuelled moisturiser and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E is also known to help nourish and help reduce skin itchiness.

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*As with any health-related issue, we would always recommend that you seek expert medical advice from your veterinary professional if you are concerned about your dog's health and well-being.