About Us

Cruelty-Free & Ethical Dog Shampoo, Conditioner And Coat Sprays You'll Love!

What makes our range of cruelty-free and ethical dog shampoos different from the other dog shampoo brands on the marketplace? Why is our dog grooming range loved by professional dog groomers, fur parents and dogs alike? 

Puppy love or mucky pup, Poochiful is a brand made for your dog.

Created By Dog Lovers

Our brand is created by dog lovers, for dog lovers! Our Founder Ryan has a young Golden Doodle, the inspiration behind Poochiful. Welcoming Marlene (pictured) into their family and home, Ryan couldn't believe the high prices and confusing array of dog shampoos and dog perfume on the market. Ryan found that they were either very expensive or just cheap and ineffective. Like many new dog owners, Ryan soon realised that baths were a regular occurrence for inquisitive Marlene! Frustrated by what he had seen and tried (which was pretty much every brand), he began to analyse the market in more detail and thus, the beginning of the Poochiful brand was born.

Manufactured In The UK

We are proud to manufacture the Poochiful range here in the UK. We are supporting British jobs, British manufacturing and British industry. Our range of deep clean shampoos, conditioner and coat sprays are all formulated, created and tested by our dedicated dog-loving experts in Burnley, Lancashire. Our British made dog shampoo, and grooming products are for all dog breeds and ages.

Kind To The Planet, Kind To Your Dog

Our cruelty-free shampoos, conditioners, and coat sprays are also kind to your dog's skin. We only test on humans (Our animal-loving team, friends and family) to ensure that if it's good enough for us, it's good enough for our beloved dogs. Our in-house Chemist Nicola designed all our bespoke formulations exclusively for Poochiful. From shampoo for puppies to elderly dogs, our collection is both effective yet, at the same time, gentle on your dog's skin. Our bottles are also fully recyclable and made from 30% recycled plastic, and we are constantly striving to improve our eco paw print in any way we can.

Affordable Luxury

We don't believe that luxury should come at a price. We haven't spent huge amounts of money on fancy marketing. We've invested it in quality ingredients and employing the best pet experts and chemists. Our return on our investment is happy returning customers and their dogs. We know what dog owners want because we are dog owners. Our collection of premium dog shampoos, dog conditioners and dog coat sprays offer affordable luxury that you and your dog can enjoy without compromise.

Where Can You Find Us

You can shop online with us through our secure online store or find our product range through retailers such as The Range.
We also sell our curated collection through a selection of dog groomers nationwide.

We believe in keeping it simple; quality ingredients, products that do what they say on the bottle, and an affordable price tag you and your dog won't bark at.

Welcome to Poochiful!