How To Puppy Proof Your House

puppy chewing a shoe which should have been kept in a wardrobe to puppy proof your home

You're counting down the weeks, hours and days until you bring your new puppy home, and as well as shopping for dog beds, puppy toys and dog grooming products, you'll need to think about how you will puppy proof your house. In this blog, we share our tips for creating a welcoming and safe environment for your new puppy.


Your new puppy will be exploring the world via their mouth, so it's important to keep anything you don't want being analysed by sharp teeth out of reach! Shoes, electrical cables, even table and chair legs can be attractive options for puppies. Have plenty of pup teething toys to keep your new puppy occupied.

Puppy Proof Means No Go Zones

Sectioning off your home with dog door guards might feel like an inconvenience, but unless you have eyes in the back of your head, or you can puppy proof your house throughout, your puppy can quickly get themselves into trouble left to their own devices. There will be some rooms where you may not want your puppy to venture, for example, into your children's playroom or your home office.

Issues such as heading off into another room out of sight to go to the toilet and chewing furniture can all start developing into a habit if left uncorrected. It's no good reprimanding your pup after the event; you need to catch them about to do the deed and deal with it in a positive correction. E.g., putting them out in the garden to pee, telling them "no" when they go to chew a skirting board or shoe, and giving them a chew toy instead with praise when they chew it.

Having a puppy door gate will allow you to walk freely from room to room without remembering to close doors and allow safe interaction between existing pets and children in a safe and controlled manner.

A stair guard at the top and bottom of the stairs is also a good idea to help prevent accidents and keep the house zoned off into safe areas.

Yummy Tummy

Puppies will try and eat anything. If you have small children, make sure that your pup doesn't have access to their bedrooms, where they may have a greater risk of choke hazards. When it comes to sweets, cakes, grapes and chocolate, again being mindful of your new puppy, keep them out of reach and temptation. Educate yourself on the foods that are toxic to dogs so you can let the whole family know the 'danger list'. Some house and garden plants are poisonous to dogs too, so do your research. Even some fresh flowers can be toxic if eaten, so again, keep that beautiful bouquet out of reach of your puppy. Puppy proof your house with care. Make sure you know your toxic plants.

Bathroom Fun

If you have a tiled floor, be careful when wet. An excitable puppy can easily slip and break a bone on a wet floor. Keep all your medicines, shampoos and soaps out of the pup's reach. If you wash your puppy, add a grip mat to the bath base, so your pup doesn't slip over and scare themselves during their bath time. Keep your dog shampoos, dog conditioner, and dog coat sprays on a shelf away from your dog but in easy reach, should you have to give them an express bath if they happen to roll in something nasty!

A Clean Sweep

Being house proud is terrific, but puppy-proofing your home should include locking away all cleaning products, rags and sponges. If you plan to deep clean the house, keep your pup locked away out of the room until you have finished and the floor you have cleaned is dry to the touch. Avoid using harsh cleaning products on areas that your dog will come into contact with, and ensure that surfaces are bone dry before allowing your pup to walk on them.


If your pup is adventurous, avoid unwittingly creating an adventure playground for him by moving chairs under tables. A chair left partially out could offer an invitation to explore your breakfast table and any food left on it. This not only becomes a hygiene issue but also risks a fall and broken bones. Puppy proof your home to keep your new puppy safe from injury.

What A Load Of Rubbish

Bins and food recycling bins are like a magnet for pups! Keep the lids secured and out of your pup's reach. If your kitchen is busy during cooking time, keep your pup out of the room or in his training crate. This will avoid any nasty accidents whilst you are busy cooking with hot liquids and pans and ensure that any food dropped accidentally will not end up in the pup's tummy!

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