The Dog Rolled In Fox Poo - What To Do Next

Cute dog which has rolled in fox poo

As seasoned dog owners, we know that dogs love a good roll, and sometimes this can involve rolling in fox poo! In this blog, we share our tips for dealing with this smelly issue and what to do next!

Why Does My Dog Roll In Fox Poo?

Firstly, we need to ask why your dog would even want to roll in this nasty, smelly fox poo? There are many reasons put forward as to why we think that dogs would roll in another animal's mess; to hide their scent, to make it easier for them to hunt, to confuse other predators with a camouflage odour or even to carry back scent information back to the pack. Either way, some domesticated dogs just love rolling in it, so what do you do when your dog comes merrily galloping over to you out on a walk covered in fox mess?

Don't Panic!

Being hysterical won't help the situation and is more likely to excite your dog and cause him to jump up at you and cover you in the fox poo too! Some breeds such as Pomeranians with long, thick coats, or cockapoo dogs that have tighter curly hair will be harder to clean. Their coat texture means that the fox poo can sit deeper within the coat. Shorter, sleek haired dogs will be easier to manage in the first instance, given their coat type. Stay calm and don't panic!

Prepare For Fox Poo!

Suppose your dog takes a liking to rolling in fox poo; it's crucial to prepare for it. If you are walking your dog in the park, keep an eye on them. Having some tasty treats and a good recall is imperative if you spot your dog taking a particular interest in an area on the ground.

Unfortunately, we know that some dogs are very quick to get down and roll in a mess, no matter how vigilant you are! Some dog owners recommend putting a cotton doggie t-shirt over your dog. They claim can curb the dog's urge to roll in the mess. If your dog does decide to roll, it's going to be a lot easier to remove the dog t-shirt, pop it in a poo bag and take it home than an entire dog covered in fox mess!

We always carry some wet wipes with us on walks so that if we do have a mishap. We can at least clean off the excess from the dog and clean our hands when reattaching the lead. Don't forget your antibacterial gel for your hands too!

Express Shower

We always carry a large bottle of water for longer journeys, old towels, binliners, and a bottle of our Dog Pawfume in our cars. If your dog rolls in fox mess, you can at least rinse off the excess. Wipe off the worst of it and towel dry him. Pop the dirty towels in a binliner and give your dog a quick spritz with our Dog Pawfume before heading home to a full bath. If your dog is a persistent fox poo offender, then it could be worth investing in a Mud Daddy to give your mucky pup a quick wash off. Towel and spritz for a more pleasant return journey for all the family!

Washing Off Fox Poo

To effectively wash off the fox mess, you will need a shower or hose with running warm water, our Mucky Pup Dog Shampoo, good drainage and a strong stomach! Keeping your dog's dirty collar on (you will probably need this to restrain your dog if washing your dog outside). Our Mucky Pup Dog Shampoo is a Fox Poo Shampoo that will clean, condition and leave your dog smelling gorgeous again!

Start by showering off the worst of the mess, starting from the back of the head and working down the body and then underneath the dog's chest and legs. Ensure that your dog's coat is wet right down to the skin. Pour a little of the shampoo into the cup of your hand and gently start to massage the product into the dog's coat. Start with the scruff of the neck. Work the shampoo over and under the collar, throughout his body and working your way around his neck, chest, shoulders belly, legs etc.

Avoid putting a dollop of shampoo on your dog's head as this will be harder to rinse off. As with any shampoo product, you should always avoid contact with the eyes. You can wipe your dog's face after bathing with a diluted mix of a capful of shampoo in a bucket. Repeat with a wipe over with a wet flannel.

One Wash Should Do It!

One shampoo and rinse with our collection should be enough to get rid of the mess and the smell, but for long or curly-coated dogs, try our Curly Pooch Conditioner to finish. Remove the collar when you have finished and give that a good wash or wipe over too.

Allow your dog to have a good shake, rather than trying to towel dry him. Your dog can remove up to 70% of the water in their coat in less than four seconds! Once he has had a good shake, towel dry or allow him to let off steam with what we unofficially call the 'zoomies'! If you blow-dry your dog, make sure the hair dryer is set to a low heat and avoid the face and ears.

And to keep your dog smelling sweet in-between baths, try our Dog Leave-In Sprays, designed for active dogs on the go!