5 Reasons Why We Create The Best Dog Shampoo

Corgi happy after being bathed in the best dog shampoo

Dogs and dog owners love our collection of shampoos, and here are five reasons why we produce the best dog shampoo!

Kind To Your Pup's Skin

Our range of shampoos for dogs is PH balanced to keep your dog's skin and coat in perfect equilibrium. Our collection of carefully formulated dog shampoos are tough on smells, dirt, and grime yet kind on your dog's skin. Whether it's the best dog shampoo for white dogs or a puppy shampoo, our collection will keep your dog smelling and looking fantastic!

Enriched With Vitamins

Our collection is heaven scent combining the most delicious smell combinations to leave your dog smelling beautifully fragrant. Our in-house chemist Nicola has brought together dual scent blends to refresh, revitalise and 'de-pong' your pooch! Nicola has also formulated our collection of dog shampoos to include Pro-Vitamin B5. Pro-Vitamin B5 helps to detangle, moisturise and hydrate your dog's fur. The result is softer, silkier fur! Another reason why we make the best shampoo for dogs

We Watch Our Eco Paw Print

We are proud to manufacture here in the UK, therefore supporting British manufacturing, trade and business. Our eco-paw print is important to us, so all our bottles are made from 30% thermoplastics (recycled plastic). Our bottles are fully recyclable, and we are constantly striving to improve our business practices and systems across all areas.

Tested On Us Not Animals

We are proud to say that our products are not tested on animals, just us humans! We love animals as much as you do, so we tried our shampoos on our team, family and friends before bathing and spraying our beloved dogs of all sizes, dog breeds and ages, from puppies to veterans with our collection.

The result is that our dogs know we create the best dog shampoo!

Made By Dog Loving Experts

We are a company filled to the brim with dog lovers and dog owners. Golden Doodle pup Marlene was our Founder Ryan's inspiration behind creating Poochiful and is firmly our number one brand ambassador and regular inspector for our product range, thanks to her love of rolling in things she shouldn't!



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