7 Basic Dog Grooming Tools You Need For Dog Grooming

A Small Dog Enjoying Pampering With Some Basic Dog Grooming Tools

Whilst many of us take our dogs to professional dog groomers regularly, what are the dog grooming tools you need at home to ensure that our dogs' coats are kept silky and in good condition in-between pup parlour visits? Our dog pamper experts share five basic dog grooming tools every dog owner should have at home.

Dog Grooming Mat

Whether you are giving your dog a complete grooming session or checking over his coat, a non-slip dog grooming mat will ensure that your dog is safe and secure. A quality non-slip dog grooming mat is one of your essential dog grooming tools that you can use every day and also when bathing your dog in the bathtub.

Dog Comb

Depending on your dog's coat, using a comb to work through longer haired breeds is essential to help prevent tangles from developing into knots. It is worth asking your professional dog groomer which is the best type of comb to maintain your dog's coat in-between visits. A professional dog groomer will know your dog, his breed, and coat type very well, so they will be the best person to ask. A dog comb is one of your essential and basic dog grooming tools.

Dog Brush

Again, take advice from your professional dog groomer on the best brush type to serve your dog's coat in-between visits to the grooming parlour. Brushing your dog regularly not only helps to keep the coat and skin in good condition but also gives you an excellent opportunity to check over your dog physically and feel for any cuts, lumps or bumps. Checking through your dog's coat will also ensure you spot any signs of flea dirt or ticks. Washing your dog in Itchy & Scratchy Shampoo will help remove flea dirt, refresh the coat and soothe the skin.

pH Balanced Dog Shampoo

Professional dog groomers love our collection of dog shampoos. Poochiful shampoos do what they say on the bottle, and we've designed our collection to be big on value AND performance. We have six different shampoos intended for all breeds, coat types and ages. Each is a pH balanced shampoo with fantastic conditioning properties to leave your dog's coat silky and tangle-free.

Conditioning Dog Coat Spray

Our conditioning coat sprays are very popular for those in-between bath moments and as a regular coat refresh. Using a conditioning spray alongside regular grooming will keep your dog's coat in tip-top condition. We have four coat sprays that you and your dog will love. Simply spritz and go!

Dog Nail Clippers

If you're nervous about clipping your dog's nails in between salon visits, ask your dog groomer to show you how. If you happen to miss a dog grooming appointment, you may find you have to give your dog's claws a trim, so even if you don't do it regularly, it's good to have the know-how in the event you need to clip his claws. Dog nail clippers are one of our basic dog grooming tools you need.

Dog Treats!

Yes, always keep a stash of tasty treats around when grooming your dog. Either give a nice reward when you are finished or when training nervous or younger dogs, treat your dog regularly to build confidence and reward good behaviour!

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