Choosing The Best Puppy Daycare

A Happy Puppy At The Best Puppy Daycare

As many of us start to return to work, searching for the best puppy daycare to care for your puppy or young dog can feel daunting. After spending so much time with your new best friend over lockdown, looking for the best puppy daycare in your area takes time and research. In this blog, we share our tips for finding a doggie daycare solution that works for you!

Snoop Dog

Do your research on the puppy daycare centres in your area. Look at reviews, search their social media channels and ring them up for a chat. Have a list of questions you want to ask them when you call up. It may be that they are fully booked, but ask if you can still visit them to have a look around. You may have taken time to puppy proof your house but make sure their facilities are safe and secure.You never know when a space may become available, so by doing your homework and getting on their waiting list, you could save yourself some valuable time in the future.

Tough Love

Not all dogs play nicely, and some love rough and tumble. However, if you have a small dog, puppy, or nervous dog, this type of tough love could make your dog anxious or even risk him getting hurt. Ask the doggy daycare how they create a safe and welcoming environment for your puppy: Do they have a particular small dog and puppy play area away from the bigger dogs? How many dogs per group, and what is the maximum number?

Reassurance Insurance

A reputable organisation will have all the appropriate insurances in place and should be happy to share certifications with you on request to reassure you. All dog daycare centres in the UK must be licensed by law, and each one is given a star rating from 1-5 depending on the quality and safety of the facilities and the service provided.

Puppy Love

You need to make sure that the puppy daycare centre has plenty of knowledge about looking after puppies and young dogs. You don't want to put your dog into an environment where there is much puppy love but no rules or boundaries set; otherwise, you might find bad habits and behaviour starting to slip in. For example, if you have strict rules against jumping up, then make sure the people at the puppy daycare centre are aware of this, so they continue with your training. You need everything to be very clear to your dog about what is OK and what is not in every situation.

Best Puppy Day Care Security

Keeping your puppy safe from thieves should be at the top of your priority list in light of dog and puppy thefts. Are their outdoor facilities secure? Do they have CCTV cameras and locks on gates? Are the dogs monitored by staff when outside in the play area? If they operate a pick-up and drop-off service, are their vans GPS tracked and are the dogs ever left in the vans unattended?


Good Luck In Finding The Best Puppy Daycare Nearby And If You Want To Create A Good First Impression, Follow Our Tips And Expert Advice In How To Bath A Puppy For The First Time.