How To Toilet Train Your Puppy With Success

Cute Corgi Puppy About To Be Taught How To Toilet Train

Toilet training your puppy can be challenging, but time invested in those early days will hopefully instil good habits with success. In this blog, we discuss the messy subject on how to toilet train your puppy and share our expert tips.

To Use Training Puppy Pads Or Not

Many puppies are purchased from breeders having used puppy pads. Whilst puppy pads serve a purpose in those very early days, they can become a hazard as playful teething puppies start to investigate them with their mouth and can be exposed to nasty chemicals that lay within the layers.

The best way to toilet train your puppy is to teach him to go outside to do his business. Start by moving a puppy pad that has been urinated on outside into the garden. Encourage the puppy to go on it, and if they pee, reward them. Move the pad further away from the house and onto the grass.

Eventually, you can remove the pad, and your puppy will learn to go out on the grass.

Timing Is Everything

Ensure you take your puppy out as soon as they wake up and after food and water. Keeping an eye on your puppy is exhausting during the early days, but until they understand to ask to go out into the garden, you'll have to remind them! Don't forget that a smaller puppy with a smaller bladder may need to pee more often than a bigger dog, so take your puppy outside regularly in those early days until you start establishing a routine.

Praise And Reward To Toilet Train

Always praise and reward your puppy for toileting outside. Verbal praise, an occasional treat and a game of play make it very clear to your puppy that they have done a great job! Remember, though, making your puppy overly excited can cause them to pee by accident, so keep the tone reassuring and upbeat rather than excessively exciting.

Accidents Happen

Puppies are always exploring life with their mouths, so it's not surprising that they are prone to having the odd runny tummy or two. If your puppy falls foul to a runny tummy and has a mishap, clean up the mess without any fuss.

Avoid engaging with your puppy at this point. Your puppy will soon learn that they get no reward or attention. Once you have cleaned up the soiled area, if your puppy's coat is messy, give their back end a quick shampoo and wash with warm water to clean them up. Our Mucky Pup Shampoo or Puppy Power Shampoo are brilliant for a quick and effective but gentle clean.

If your puppy is particularly young or his tummy doesn't settle shortly, always seek swift, professional veterinary advice.

Be Consistent

Getting a regular routine in place for toilet training is crucial in those early days. Likened to potty training a toddler, you'll need to be consistent and invest time in your puppy to toilet train him. Be consistent in your reactions to toileting in the home and outside, so you give your puppy clear indications of right and wrong.

Good luck with your puppy toilet training. Before you know it, you will both have cracked it!

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