How To Puppy Proof Your Garden

Adorable English Bulldog Puppy Enjoying The Puppy Proof Garden


Puppy proofing your garden to make it safe and secure for your new puppy is going to be crucial to your puppy's well-being and safety. In this blog, our Puppy Experts share their advice on how to puppy proof your garden.

Your new puppy is arriving home soon, and you have already taken the time to puppy proof your house. Now, you need to take a good look at your garden to provide a puppy safe zone in which they can play and enjoy.

The Great Escape

Checking your fencing is going to be first on your list to puppy proof your garden! You will need to check that your small puppy can't burrow his way out under your fence or even squeeze through that tiny gap between the ground and the bottom of the fencing. If you own a miniature breed such as a chihuahua, your puppy will be super small, so you might want to add some chicken wire along the fence line to ensure that their inquisitive nature doesn't get the best of them.

Eyeing Up

Sharp objects can easily cause harm or even risk losing an eye on breeds with big or slightly bulbous eyes, so search for nails or screws protruding from fencing or decking. Wooden and metal flower stakes can also be a risk worth avoiding. Even gardening wire used to secure plants and climbers can pose an accident, so tidy up your garden to prevent issues and puppy proof your garden.

Pebble Love

If you have a gravel or stone pathway, watch out that your puppy doesn't play with the stones. Stones can easily get swallowed and cause choking, teeth damage or serious digestive issues. Remember, puppies use their mouths to explore, so keep an eye on them at all times during those early days.

Puppy Proof Garden Planting

Your garden might be abundant with beautiful flora and foliage, but there could be dangers lurking, with many everyday plants toxic if eaten. Some seasonal plants, such as daffodils, are poisonous if they eat the bulbs or flowers, so it's worth checking and removing access to these poisonous plants until your puppy has outgrown the chewing phase.

Prevent Puppy Theft

It is a sad world that we now live in that dog thefts have grown to unimaginable levels here in the UK. Keep your puppy safe by having tall fence lines and walls with anti-climbing paint and keep garden gates padlocked and secured. Home security cameras with signage can deter potential thieves. However, the best deterrent is to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to enter and leave the premises quietly and unnoticed.

Mucky Pup

Your puppy will love to roll and that includes anything they might find on the lawn. Regularly clean up after your dog and also keep an eye out for rolling in fox mess too. If they do roll in something undesirable, then our Mucky Pup Shampoo is tough on smells and muck but gentle on skin and coats!

Snail Trail

Eating snails and slugs or coming into contact with the slime they leave behind can cause a major health issue in your puppy. Lungworm is a disease that affects the dog's lungs and can be potentially lethal if left untreated. Fortunately your vet can prescribe treatment to help protect your puppy. Removing toys from the garden after playtime will also cut down the risk.

Have fun with your new puppy and play it safe when it comes planning how to puppy proof your garden and create a secure haven for them to enjoy.


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